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Focus is a community-powered online and printed magazine for West Los Angeles serving the neighborhoods of Bel Air, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Malibu. We organize red carpet events for charities, product launches, store openings and open houses. Through the Focus TV online network, we broadcast a variety of community produced channels.

Here in LA, there is no shortage of love experts, coaches, and matchmakers. It seems everyone works hard to improve their personal relationships, and in turn, when they work on themselves it leads to success in their lives. Experiencing love and building healthy relationships is what makes the world go round – with a smile. As summer vacation season ends, it’s back to school for many, back to focusing on various forms of personal success. 

This issue’s cover feature is the extraordinary Tosca Musk. Having grown up with entrepreneurial brothers, Elon and Kimbal, it was no wonder Tosca triumphed in her own right, as a renowned filmmaker and tv producer. To celebrate our Romance issue, we are thrilled to have a very personal look into her life and latest passion project: Passionflix – a streaming network of romance novels and love stories. Also featured in this issue is our very own host, Rob Mack, the always inspiring love, happiness and life coach from E’s Famously Single. His advice for success in life and love is based on his book, Finding Happiness From The Inside Out. We have jam-packed our issue with love and business success stories. Our list of featured personalities is impressive and includes Larry Namer, founder of E!, actress Tracey Bregman of TheYoung and The Restless fame, actress Sheree Wilson of Dallas fame and Lori Harder, model, author and ‘love specialist’ with tips for successful business and romantic relationships.